Have you written something but it's not quite hitting the mark?


Do you want to write something but you don't have the time?


Not sure if you've struck the right tone for your piece?


Haven't found the right voice for your business?


Worried about grammar and punctuation errors?

Need to write a humorous piece but you're just not funny?


Don't have a clue what you want?


I can help with all of that and more. 


Services include:


Editing and copy editing






Ghost writing 



I do any combination of the following:- 

  • write your content and/or copy for you

  • rewrite your content and/or copy for you

  • suggest changes to your content and/or copy

  • improve the cohesiveness and quality of your writing

  • edit for clarity, repetition, ambiguity, wordiness, and flow

  • rewrite small sections and/or remove sentences

  • edit for uniformity of style in spelling, capitalisation, abbreviations, dates and numbers

  • proofread for typos and errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation

  • ensure consistency in style and voice

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Marina Catherine

Editing Services