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What is the difference between editing and proof reading?

Editing generally comes before proof reading and may involve structural changes  as well as changes to the content. Basically, editing is making sure that your writing is as good as it can be. 


Proof reading is the last stage and involves a final look at the completed text to ensure there are no typos, spelling errors or problems with grammar and punctuation. At this stage it is assumed that the author has made all the changes he/she wants to make. 


Can I just get you to proof read what I have written and not edit it?

Sure. Your work will be thoroughly proofread for errors, but there will be no significant changes to structure or content made. However, usually suggestions for improvement are included. 


What  is ghost writing?

Essentially, ghost writing means that I write your text but you get the credit as author. You would be expected to supply the raw material or a draft, but I would convert that raw material into the type of text you desire. 


I want you to write my blog. Can you do that? And who owns copyright of the text? 

Sure can! I've written for a large number of businesses and individuals across a broad range of topics. I will write in the style you prefer. I'm performing a service for you, so copyright remains with you once payment has been received. 


Can I get a free sample of your work?

Absolutely! Send me something you've written and I'll edit a small section of it. If you're after copywriting or ghostwriting, I can send you some examples of work I've done.


How much?

Prices vary according to the content being edited or written. The price on all services will be negotiated prior to work commencing.


Do I have to pay up front?

For new clients, all services require a 50% deposit as down payment with the balance to be paid upon completion of the work. Copyright for all work remains with me until full payment has been received.

I have a question that is not answered here.

Flick me an email or give me a call and I'll help you out. 



Marina Catherine
Editing and copywriting

Phone: 0414 746 696
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