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Getting a click through on your social media post.

Thanks largely to the internet, today's world is vastly different than it was in the past. Social media has become the norm for business and personal use and so our way of communicating has naturally evolved into something different also. This has a big impact on business.

When I first started my working life, there were four main ways of advertising: radio, television, newspaper and signage. These days, three of those are still relevant. One, newspaper advertising, is fast becoming obsolete. You'd be hard pressed to find many people in the 20 – 35 year old age bracket who regularly buy and read a newspaper. When looking for a product, service or information, the majority of clients and customers now go to google or ask for recommendations via social media.

Knowing this is particularly important for businesses because deciding where to spend your advertising dollar for the best ROI (return on investment) is essential for profitable growth. So, armed with this knowledge, what can you do?

Studies in social media have shown that what sparks interest in people on social media is firstly a picture, video or catchy headline. If none of those capture attention, your post is unlikely to get that first click. It's also generally thought that videos win hands down over any other form of post so, if you've got a fantastic video, you're almost certain to get a click on your post. Seems we can't resist pressing 'PLAY'!

However, not all businesses have a handy little video to pop on social media whenever they choose so here's an easy way develop one. Explainer videos or whiteboard animations can be tailored to your product, service or promotion. They usually only run for 30 seconds to 1 minute but their impact can be quite powerful.

Firstly, they get the initial click. Secondly, they get your product, service or name out there. Thirdly, it allows you to highlight aspects of your business or product in an interesting way without your audience having to wade through reams of information. Lastly, even if those clicks don't immediately convert to sales, your 'brand' is in their mind and down the track, when they are looking for a service or product that you offer, chances are you will at least be one of the businesses they consider going to. And that's better than not being considered at all!

Marina Catherine
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