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5 simple ways to save money when hiring a copywriter.

#1 Write as much as possible yourself.

This is the biggest tip I can give you. Before you hand the task over, write what you can yourself.

Why? Because we’re not mind readers or psychics. Only you know exactly what you are trying to achieve and what you are trying to say. A draft - even a badly written one - gives us a point from which to launch ideas, clarify concepts and fine-tune what you want to achieve. It also cuts through at least three more drafts, leaving more money in your pocket.

Don’t be embarrassed about your writing; we’re not here to judge. Quite frankly, we usually expect your work to be worse than it is. We really do. Reading your work is exciting for us ‘word nerds’; it starts the creative juices flowing, points us in the right direction and gives us a handle on your authentic ‘voice’.

#2 Tell us what you are trying to say.

After you’ve written what you can, as best you can, tell us what you are trying to say.

This is essential. It allows you the freedom to communicate without worrying what you sound like and it clarifies our the task for us, thereby saving you money on unneeded redrafts. It also gets you to clarify what your business or service is selling. And no, you’re not selling a product, you’re selling an emotion or need. (See this blog post for more info on that topic).

Step 1. and 2. might look like this:

1. (Your best attempt) The XYZ company sells toilets for your comfort and luxury. They look good, and they leave your bathroom looking good.

2. (Saying it in your own words) I’m trying to get across the idea that a toilet is not an unmentionable part of your house and can actually be quite beautiful. Our toilets are designed by experts in that sort of thing and they are all about comfort and style. We don’t just sell toilets. We sell the comfort of toilets and the niceness of having a clean toilet that looks good. We want people to ask where they got their toilet from.

Or it might look like this:

1. (Your best attempt) ABC napkins are created from highest quality linen with original art on them for the discerning buyer.

2. (Saying it in your own words) I just think there are people who like this stuff. I put art on napkins. Some people buy them and I want more people to buy them. I want them to see that my napkins are special and better than store bought paper napkins. I think there are people who like this fancy stuff. They might be the type of person who carries a miniature poodle in their handbag (and lots of money to buy my napkins, hopefully).

#3 Background is good.

Even if you don’t want any background included in the writing project, telling us a little about your business or service and how it started helps us form an overall picture.

#4 Give feedback.

Give feedback during the project, not just at the end. Don’t spare our feelings. Really, don’t. Be courteous, but don’t be afraid to tell us what you want changed. There is no point in us completing the project only to be told that it’s not what you were after. Aim to get it right step by step, draft by draft.

And finally,

#5 Make a start.

There is nothing as intimidating as a blank page so make a start. It doesn’t have to be a good start, it just has to be a start.

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