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Six simple tips to improve your business blog writing.

So you’re writing lots of blog posts, but you’re not feeling the love, huh? Here’s a list of things you can try. They’re by no means the definitive answer, but they should help you improve your blogs. Try them and see what works for you.

Use an honest and informative title

It only takes a few seconds to read a title. It’s the first thing your reader will see, so make it something that tells the reader what information they’re going to receive.

Don’t use clickbait

It might work in the short term, but it won’t gain you any loyal followers, and loyal followers are what you’re after. Clickbait offers a magic wand, but rarely delivers; a savvy reader will soon lose trust in bloggers who continually use this strategy.

Use subheadings

Most of readers scan an article to see if it’s relevant before deciding whether to scroll on by. With so much info competing for a reader's attention, you’ve only got a few seconds to hook them. Subheadings are an easy way to let your reader know what information you’re offering, especially if it's of a technical nature.

Keep it short and sweet

Readers don’t always want reams of information. Some of us have the attention span of a gnat, and some of us are way too busy to read a 1500 word article. Make your blogs shorter and, if needed, add hyperlinks to longer articles or other relevant blog posts (like this one).

Don’t be afraid to be different

Whether it’s using a unique voice, adding humour or even being a bit irreverent, do what works for your brand. There are some blogs I’ve seen that use an enormous amount of profanity. It’s not my thing, but I’m not their intended audience, and it works for them. Do what works for your brand.

Know your audience

Who is your audience? What do they want to know? Find out. Write about these things in a style that suits your brand. It’s no good writing in a highly formalised style if your audience is primarily teenage skateboarders, nor is it good practice to use a lot of technical jargon if your audience is unlikely to understand it.

I hope that helps! And remember, if in doubt, hire a copywriter or editor who can help you.


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